US Rubber Ferris Wheel and Fairgoers

SOURCE: Presented courtesy Craig Konowal collection © 2007 Craig Konowal, All Rights Reserved

US Rubber Ferris Wheel

No fair would be a fair without a ferris wheel, and this is New York's version, disguised as a huge rubber tire by U.S. Rubber Co. Made of polyester resin and glass fiber, it lifts riders -- four to each bright-red gondola -- 80 feet in the air.

Front View

SOURCE: Saturday Evening Post, May 23, 1964, Issue No. 20

Bill Cotter's US Royal Gallery

Bill Cotter, World's Fair enthusiast, has been collecting images of the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair for many years. He shares with us here some excellent views the US Royal Giant Tire Ferris Wheel. If you would like to see more images of Bill's fabulous collection of World's Fair images, visit his website

Source: Above photos presented courtesy Bill Cotter Collection and are © Copyright 2008 Bill Cotter, All Rights Reserved

View from Grand Central Parkway

Above: A view of the Transportation Area from the Grand Central Parkway overpass. Below: The Giant Tire Ferris Wheel from the top of the NY State Pavilion Observation Towers

Day view from NY State Observation Tower

 Long View of Ferris Wheel

US Royal Tires Ferris Wheel

Below: Close-up of the gondolas as they rotate around the wheel.

Gondola Close-up

US Rubber Ferris Wheel

Below: Pretty night view of the Giant Tire Ferris Wheel from the top of the NY State Pavilion Observation Towers.

Night view

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